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Management Statement

Management Statement

Adding Value to Your Dicing Operation

Dicing is a dynamic and challenging business. The task requires knowledge, judgment and experience in the selection of the proper equipment, the correct blade composition, the appropriate process parameters and fitting control settings. A slight error of judgment may lead to the destruction of equipment and expensive production material. It is an on-going mission, a continuing struggle to improve yield and throughput, increase productivity and improve the cost-of-ownership. As semiconductor devices grow smaller and wafers contain more dies, the streets become narrower and filled with new hard-to-dice isolation materials which further intensify the challenge. In such a business environment it is not enough to find a good dicing vendor – you need to find a long-term partner to help you manage your dicing operation to its full potential. We differentiate ourselves by being your long-term partner.

Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) has the capabilities and the capacity to do it. Many of our employees have spent most of their careers in the dicing business. We offer our customers the benefit of that vast experience, know-how, process mastery and skill. ADT is a fast growing, dynamic company which keeps ahead of the game by constantly identifying new trends and coming up with, smart, timely, inexpensive solutions to match the industry’s needs. We value your business and will go to any length to insure your complete satisfaction with our products and services. Our global representation network is based on strong local presence, offering process development services, training and support. The flexibility of our platforms and our ability to create customized solutions make us a market leader. With versatile products that can be applied in many semiconductor and micro-electronic areas, we cover the full spectrum of dicing.

To successfully meet the challenges of the industry allow us to join you as your dicing partner in optimizing processes that contribute to improving the standard of living.

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