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Semi Auto Wafer Mounter 967

Semi Auto Wafer Mounter 967

Fast, accurate and bubble-free mounting

ADT 967 Semi-Automatic Wafer Mounting System is designed to automatically mount wafers on tape.

  • Automatic- Controlled process, hand operation free

  • Small foot print - Table top design

  • Quick and simple to use very easy to maintain

  • Minimal tape usage

ADT 967 Semi-Automatic Wafer Mounting System is an elegant and user-friendly product, with great value.
The perfect choice for mounting


Technical Specifications:  

Supported tapes Dicing Blue tapes / UV tapes
Supported frames DTF 2-8-1 ; DTF 2-6-1; 350-103 ; 350-104
Supported wafers Round 6”, 8”
Capacity 120 Frames/Hour
Temp Controlled Chuck heater Up to 65°c
Vacuum Holder Internal Vacuum generator to hold work pieces
Backing tape collector UV tape backing tape collecting mechanism
Custom Chucks Multi Panels, Non Contact
Other Frames 4” frame, 5” frame
ESD Electro-Static eliminator

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