7220 Models


4"-5" High-torque, DC-brushless, Air-bearing, 2.5 kW, 30 krpm spindle system, optimized for automated dicing of hard materials.

System Specifications:

Work piece size: ∅ 200 or ∅ 300 (Model 7200-300, 4") 

Blade size: 4"-5"

Spindle: Air bearing, DC-brushless, 30 krpm, 2.5 kW

Indexing Axis (Y)

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw with stepper motor

Control: linear encoder

Resolution: 0.2 µm

Cumulative accuracy (∅200): 1.5 µm

Cumulative accuracy (∅300): 3 µm (Model 7200-300, 4") 

Indexing accuracy: 1.0 µm 

Feed Axis (x)

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw with DC-brushless motor

Feed rate: up to 600 mm/sec

Cut Depth Axis (z)

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw with DC-brushless motor

Resolution: 0.2 µm

Accuracy: 2.0 µm

Repeatability: 1.0 µm

Rotary Axis (T)

Drive: closed-loop, direct-drive, DC-brushless

Accuracy: 4 arc-sec

Repeatability: 4 arc-sec

Stroke: 350 deg.

Vision System

Digital camera

High bright LED illumination (vertical & oblique)

Continuous digital magnification: from x170 to x280 or from x35 to x140 (optional) 

Cleaning Station

Full rinse and dry cycle

Spinning speed: 100-2500 RPM

High pressure: up to 10 MPa

Atomizing cleaning capabilities

Wafer Handling System

Slot to slot integrity

Dress cassette

Inspection drawer

BBD (Broken Blade Detector)

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) kit (optional)

UV curing station (optional)

Barcode reader (optional)

Dress station (optional)

SECS-GEM host communication (optional)

User Interface

Flat 15" touch screen

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Multilanguage support

Keyboard & mouse


Electrical: 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single phase

Air/N2: 700 L/min @ 5.5 bar

500 L/min compressed air, 200 L/min process air/ N2

Spindle coolant: 1.1 L/min tap water

Process Water (DI): Blade/process coolant - up to 7 L/min

                              High pressure cleaning - up to 5 L/min

Atomized cleaning: up to 0.15 L/min

High pressure cleaning: up to 5 L/min (optional)

Dimensions (WxDxH):

∅200: 965 x 1460 x 1700 mm

∅300: 1100 x 1785 x 1700 mm

Weight ∅200: 1200 kg

Weight ∅300: 1350 kg


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