Fully Automatic 8" Twin - 8020 Series

Fully Automatic 8" Twin - 8020 Series

Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System

The ADT 8020 Dicing Saw has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers at high throughput. ADT 8020 is a high accuracy system that can dice workpieces of up to 8-inch in diameter, at high performances and low cost of operation.


Features and Benefits

  •  Flexibility - Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3" O.D.

  •  Spindles of 1.8 KW or 2.2 KW high power (for challenging applications)

  •  Superior vision system with continuous zoom magnification

  •  Intuitive operation interface using a large 19” touch screen monitor


Ease of Use

The 8020 operates with the ADT intuitive New graphic User Interface (NUI), and includes two touch-screens: a 19” monitor for the main screen and a 17” monitor maintenance screen. The maintenance screen assists with performing system setup procedures, blade change and some basic maintenance operations.


Other Key Features

  •  Air bearing feed axis (X)

  •  Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning for increased throughput

  •  Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision

  •  Process data logging and statistical analysis 

  •  Fast & Simple Blade Change with a locking spindle shaft

  •  SECS/GEM platform ready

  •  Full access to all areas of the system for convenient and easy maintenance


Leading Applications

  •   Silicon wafers / discrete devices

  •   Silicon carbide (SiC)

  •   MEMS

  •   SAW devices

  •   Glass wafer

  •   Packaging (QFN, LED…)