Water Recycling System 927

Water Recycling System 927

Designed for closed-loop, uniform supply of cutting water.
It recycles drain water thru filtering, cooling and pumping to maintain required purification, temperature and flow levels for optimized dicing, cost saving and environment care.


System Highlights:

  • Water recirculation -> Reducing consumption by 95%
  • Efficient cooling system -> Reducing power consumption
  • Self-Cleaning filter -> Saving cost of maintenance
  • Low environment impact
  • Integration with up to 3 ADT saws simultaneously


Technical Specification: 

Water flow capacity 12 l/min
Cooling capacity 1200 W @ 25°C
Set point range 5°C – 25°C
Temperature stability +/-1°C
Filatration level < 0.05 μm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 1280 x 1720 mm
Approx. machine weight (empty/full) 350 / 500 kg