ADT offers special features for our flanges to support your process needs.


Multi Blades Flange set 

For specific high through-put type applications, ADT can offer multi-blade flange sets. The flange design in this case has a wider step to accommodate more than one single blade and a single or more spacers. The accuracy of the spacers is critical to meet the indexing accuracy required per customer application.

Specific blade and flange handling tools are required in some cases to make the blade and spacer mounting easier and safer.

Attention should be given to the balancing as a multi-flange set has more mass and is more sensitive to vibrations.

To meet the right indexing between blade replacements, flange clamping torque is critical.

2" Multi-blade Flange Set       

Special Handling Tools


For specific inquiries, the ADT engineering team is always available to provide technical assistance for a specific application.

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