Vectus/Fortis systems

Vectus/Fortis systems

Product Discontinuation Notice - Vectus/Fortis systems

ADT has discontinued the manufacturing and sales of the Vectus/Fortis systems effective April 15, 2008.

ADT will provide five years support program for the Vectus / Fortis Series. This program goal is to provide Vectus / Fortis customers with the service and parts   necessary  to keep their machines in operation.

ADT will continue the sales of standard accessories, options and retrofit kits to customers that use the above systems.

ADT will provide field service support for the Vectus/Fortis standard product line until April 15, 2013.

The new Vectus+ and Fortis+ versions will include  the closed loop turn table instead of the old open loop.  The closed loop turntable features a better angular position accuracy and is more suitable  for multi-panel/multi-angle applications as well as large size substrates. Please refer to the table below:







Open loop


Stepper motor

cable drive

12 arc-sec


6 arc-sec


High accuracy Turntable

Closed loop


Direct drive

DC brushless

4 arc-sec


4 arc-sec




ADT will respect already quoted prices, for all orders placed by May 31,2008. Such orders, if apply to Vectus or Fortis models, will be converted at no extra charge, to Vectus + or Fortis +, respectively.