80WT Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System

80WT Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System

ADT 80WT Dicing Saw was developed for Wettable process.


The 80WT dicing saw for this project includes a special cassette compartment and handling system for extracting the two QFN substrates from the Lead Frame magazines and placing the QFN substrates on the cutting chuck. They also include a barcode reader, special dicing and cleaning chucks, and the Laser Height Measuring Tool (HMT) for accurately measuring the substrate's thickness to enable accurate tapeless shallow cuts supporting the Wettable process.


Dicing Process flow:

The machine extracts two unmounted QFN products from the lead frame magazine, reads their barcodes, and places them on the cutting chuck.

Automatic alignment is performed, followed by an automatic measuring process of the product's thickness by the Laser HMT.

According to the recipe parameters, the mounted QFN substrates go through a shallow-cut dicing process, followed by a cleaning process, and are placed back into the lead frame magazine.


 Other Key Features

  • High vacuum pump 
  • Tapeless process for Wettable
  • Laser scanning sensor for dicing process with Z and X interpolation
  • Support warpage product
  •  Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning for increased throughput
  •  Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision
  •  Process data logging and statistical analysis 
  •  Fast & Simple Blade Change with a locking spindle shaft
  •  SECS/GEM platform ready
  •  Full access to all areas of the system for convenient and easy maintenance


Leading Applications

  •   QFN Wettable