System Specifications

System Specifications

Work piece size: 6" x 6" or 8" x 8"

Blade size: 2"- 3"

Spindle: Two facing spindle, 60 krpm, 2.5 kW and rated torque of 0.25 Nm

Y1/Y2 Axis

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw with stepper motor

Control: linear encoder

Resolution: 0.2 µm

Cumulative accuracy: 1.5 µm

Indexing accuracy: 2.0 µm

Cutting range: 160mm (6" x 6")  /  200mm (8"x8") 

X Axis

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw

Air bearing slide

Feed rate: up to 600 mm/sec

Cutting range: 410mm

Z1/ Z2 Axis

Drive: Ball bearing lead screw

Resolution: 0.2 µm

Accuracy: 2.0 µm

Repeatability: 1.0 µm

Stroke: up to 25mm

Ø  Axis

Drive: closed-loop, direct-drive

Accuracy: 4 arc-sec

Repeatability: 4 arc-sec

Stroke: 350 deg.

Vision System

Digital camera, Fire wire link

High bright LED illumination (vertical & oblique)


Electrical: 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single phase

Air consumption: 260 L/min @ 5.5 bar

Cutting water (per spindle): 3 L/min

Spindle water (per spindle): 1.1 l/min

Dimensions (WxDxH):

875 x 975 x 1450 mm

Weight: 900 kg


Automatic alignment

Automatic Kerf inspection

Automatic Y offset correction