Advanced Dicing Technologies, Ltd. operates its subsidiary company Advanced Dicing Technologies, Inc. in the North America territories from two locations :

  • From the East Coast in Horsham, PA – Headquarters
  • From the West Coast in Tempe, AZ – Western Regional Office

Our History in the Americas

Advanced Dicing Technologies, Inc. was established in 2003 with operations in Horsham, Pennsylvania to provide full sales, service and support in North America.  In 2014 we expanded operations with the addition of a Western Regional Office in Tempe, Arizona.

Our Mission

We strive to provide “best in class” equipment, materials and support in all phases of the customer experience in our market focus of Dicing Process Technology.  We understand that being a full service supplier is important to our customers and we offer our customers complete solutions.  When you engage with us, we will provide you a turn-key solution that will minimize your time to market.

Our Offerings

Dicing Equipment:

  • Semi Automatic Dicing Saws – University to Production Model Offerings
  • Fully Automatic Dicing Saws – High Volume Production
  • Dual Spindle Semi Automatic Dicing Saws – High Volume Small Die (LED)

Dicing Preparation Equipment:

  • Dicing Tape Mounting Systems – Manual and Semi Auto
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Curing Systems
  • Cleaning & Coating Stations
  • Water Filtration and Chilling Systems
  • Co2 Injection Systems

Dicing Materials:

  • Dicing Blades (Resin, Nickel and Metal Sintered)
  • Dicing Blade Flanges
  • Surfactant Fluid
  • Dicing Frames and Cassettes

Dicing Process Development:

  • Full Dicing Lab for Demonstrations

Dicing Process Development Capability & Experience:

  • Silicon Material
  • Glass Material
  • Ceramic Material
  • PZT Material
  • PZT Single Crystal Material
  • Sapphire Material
  • IC Package Singulation
  • Solar Material
  • PCB Separation

Customer Support Services:

  • Service
  • Spare Parts
  • Equipment Upgrade Services
  • Phone Technical Support and Trouble-Shooting
  • Operations and Maintenance Training Courses


We welcome you to contact us with any inquiry about your dicing needs.