Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)


Green Ceramic, A basic capacitor consists of two conducting electrodes separated by an insulating dielectric material.  Multi-layer ceramic capacitors consist of a large number of closely spaced parallel electrodes between thin layers of a high-capacitance ceramic material.

Major Considerations:

  • Nuisance dust in 'dry' dicing operations
  • Blade clogging
  • Layer smearing and shorting


7124, high level of automation, large blade size for better Cost -of -Ownership


  • 4" Nickel (standard or serrated edge) and steel core Nickel Blades
  • Diamond grit size: 30 - 70 microns
  • Thickness: .006" - .014”

Process Parameters:

  • Feed rate: 50-250 mm/sec
  • Spindle speed: 12 - 18 krpm
  • Possible for both 'dry' and 'wet' dicing
  • Relatively frequent dressing to clean blade from debris