Spindle Chiller 937-A

Spindle Chiller 937-A

Stabilize your process with a cost-effective solution

Designed for closed-loop supply of spindle cooling water.
It maintains stable, temperature-controlled water; an important factor for achieving
high dicing accuracy and quality.

System Highlights:

  • Water circulation -> Reducing water consumption
  • Water temperature control -> Minimizing thermal expansion for high
    dicing accuracy
  • High pumping capacity -> Supporting up to 3 dicing saws simultaneously
    (low CoO)
  • Touch panel LCD Easy operation
  • Unique pumping technology -> Quite operation, compact design and
    maintenance-free long life


Technical Specifications:

Water flow capacity Up to 5 l/min
Cooling capacity 1000 W @ 20°C
Setpoint range 8°C – 35°C
Temperature stability +/-0.1°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 360 x 555 x 526 mm
Approx. machine weight 58 kg