New User Interface (NUI) Upgrade Kit

ADT strives to offer our customers a business model that promotes “continuous improvement opportunities” for your existing capital equipment investment. ADT offers a variety of “DICING SAW UPGRADE KITS” that allow you to maintain best in class dicing capability and performance.


Dicing Floor Management (DFM) system was released for sale. DFM system is a software and hardware option based on SECS/GEM communication protocol that collects data and monitors all dicing saw machines at the production floor.

Height Measurement Tool (HMT)

ADT has developed a measurement tool to improve precision in your dicing process and reduce production cost

Dressing Procedure

ADT has developed a new software feature that provides the ability to ‘dress and drag’ the blade to maintain a flat edge on the dicing blade instead of a standard “dicing” methods on a dress block.

Circular Cut

A unique application for creating round circle

Tapeless 7134 dicing saw

ADT has recently completed a new project for dicing in a tapeless process mode. The work piece is placed on a formal rubber pad with vacuum holes, holding the workpiece and diced parts in place during the dicing process without the use of dicing tape.

Barcode Reader

The Dicing saws support the option of adding a Barcode reader.

Scrap Removal

The Scrap Removal kit was designed for customers dicing applications that create a lot of dirt and/or want to filter and manage the cutting waste.