DFM system is a software and hardware option based on SECS/GEM* communication protocol that collects data and monitors all dicing saw machines at the production floor.

The DFM system will generate detailed reports such as UPH, up time, production data and other useful information for the production managers and is also of great value to your customers who demand data tracking.

Full barcode capability is embedded in the system for operator simplicity.

The DFM system will support up to 30 ADT different dicing saw machines.

The main advantages:

  • Transparency & real time visibility of the production floor
  • Progressive production monitoring
  • Monitoring the production efficiency
  • Tracking operator performances
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increased reliability and quality
  • Easy to file reports (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Blade inventory management
  • Recipe backups
  • Capability to transfer recipe between the systems

For more details please contact your ADT local representative.

* The SECS/GEM is the semiconductor’s equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications.
In an automated fab, collecting measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products.