Dressing Boards

Dressing Boards

ADT offers a wide range of Dressing Boards for different applications.

You can choose from different abrasives, mesh sizes and dimensions to fit your needs.

Dressing =  Exposing diamonds and releasing partially embedded diamonds

Diamonds not exposed

Diamonds exposed after dressing 


Introduction to Dressing process >>

Watching the Dressing station in action:

Understanding the cleaning process using Dressing Board

  • Cleaning powder residue to expose the diamonds
  • Machining of blade binder to better expose new sharp diamonds
  • Improving dicing quality / Reducing blade load

Understanding the reshape process of the blade edge to a flat edge

A blade edge that lost its shape during dicing can be reshaped using ADT special nickel / diamond dressing board.

  • Reshaping the blade edge
  • Lower the spindle RPM