The manufacturing and sales of the 980/980plus Series, was discontinued by K&S on April 1, 2001.
These Semi-Automatic Dicing systems have been replaced by the new and more advanced technology, of the 7100 Series Precision Dicing Systems.

K&S and ADT (after the purchase of the dicing business), have instituted a program for continued sale of accessories and spare parts for the 980/980plus. This program also included field service and technical support.

The program was to continue on a limited basis for a period of five years to insure a smooth transition of the improved 7100 Series.

In practice, the above program has been supported for over 6 years. Now, after such a long period, in some cases it is becoming impossible to continue with the same level of support.

The 980/980plus technology is very old, and some parts have been discontinued.

ADT will do its best to continue supporting customers that still have 980/980plus systems.
However, the following should be noted:

In some cases ADT will be able to provide only limited field service and technical support.
This is due to the fact these systems are no longer an active product.

Spare parts

  • Some parts will be subject to longer delivery time, affecting the response time.
  • Some parts will become available only as part of a larger assembly, or minimum quantity.
  • In some cases, we will not be able to provide the parts at all.
  • As of January 1 2008, there will be a price increase for all 980 items.

All the above is because we can no longer purchase or hold in stock individual items, while some parts can no longer be obtained (discontinued).
In addition, most parts and components that are still available have been priced up by the suppliers, especially in light of the decreasing quantities.

Following the above, we would like to suggest to all 980/980plus system users, it is time to advance and continue with ADT to the new technology of the 7100 Series Precision Dicing Systems.

For more details, contact your local sales representative.
Attached is the End Of Life enouncement of K&S.