1. Discontinuation of ProVectus/ProFortis Systems

ADT will be discontinuing the manufacture and sale of the ProVectus/ProFortis Model’s effective March 2014.

In order to provide best in class customer support, ADT will continue to provide service and spare parts for seven years on our Model’s ProVectus / ProFortis Series. In addition, ADT will continue with sales of standard accessories, options, retrofit kits and service to customers that use the above systems.

The new machines model replacements are :

  • DS-7120 series, Standard machine up to 8”

2” configuration, 7122 (Replacing the ProVectus)

4” configuration, 7124 (Replacing the ProFortis)

  • DS-7130 series, Standard machine up to 12”

2” configuration, 7132 (Replacing the ProVectus LA)

4” configuration, 7134 (Replacing the ProFortis LA)

  • 71TS, 2” Tilted spindle 0⁰ to 15⁰
  • 71MD, 2” Medical machine up to 8” with large Z clearance


The new 7120 and 7130 Series include :

  • Industrial PC – Robust and fixed PC configuration (Windows blocked)
  • Large vacuum canister for 30% air consumption savings
  • New Generation Turn table with High Torque and High Accuracy (1 micron)
  • Large Area Dress Station – Quick change and support of a variety of dressing board thicknesses
  • Improved location of the NCH for reduced product contamination
  • High Resolution Microscope (2000 X 2000 pixels) plus High Resolution Camera
  • Low Vibration Spindle for best cut quality
  • New left cover design for easy load and unload
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • New enhanced software features such as GMF (Geometric Model Finder)-Optional


Depending upon your current machine software version, ProVectus and ProFortis recipes will be transferable to the new models 7120 / 7130 series
(Pls consults with the local customer support).

ADT will honor any outstanding Model ProVectus/ProFortis quotations that are still under valid conditions.

Please review this notice and contact ADT Marketing / Sales staff if you have any questions about this program.