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NEWS ADT Launched New Product 8230 in Hefei, China

ADT Launched New Product 8230 in Hefei, China


ADT’s New Product 8230,

12” Fully Automatic Twin-Spindle Dicing Machine

On October 29th, Advanced Dicing Technologies Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou) held its latest product launch in Hefei, at which it showed the 12-inch fully automatic twin-spindle dicing machine crafted by ADT's R&D team in China, ADT's R&D team in Israel and LP's R&D team in the UK. At the same time, ADT also presented a series of wafer and packaging module to meet the needs of users in the semiconductor industry.

Mr. JESSE PARKER, Vice President of ADT, introduced the company's expansion in the international and domestic markets, and gave a brief introduction to the new products. Then, Mr. Zhao Tongyu, Chairman of Advanced Dicing Technologies Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou) made a speech, he mentioned that in the past two years, the whole domestic semiconductor industry has been facing unprecedented pressure. No matter from the user’s demand or market challenges, everyone in the industry needs to make self-change and upgrade of products to achieve breakthrough results. This is precisely the pursuit of Advanced Dicing Technologies Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou) and its subsidiaries, to continue to provide the market and its customers with solutions of efficient, reliable and easy operating high-end dicing machine.

As a Chinese company, Advanced Microelectronics Equipment (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. was jointly funded by the Henan Government, Zhengzhou Government, listed company GL Technology and funds affiliated to the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the early stage of its establishment, in an effort to build a leading role high-tech enterprises with capability of research and development, production and sales of high-end equipment in semiconductor packaging and testing industry. In October 2019, the company wholly acquired the world's third dicing machine vendor - Israel Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT). After the acquisition was completed, the company invested in innovation and research and development while integrating multiple technologies, and developed a 12-inch fully automatic twin-spindle dicing machine, achieved localization of the production, technical solutions and after-sales service for wafer and package dicing.

The ADT 8230 is a fully automatic twin-spindle dicing machine with high efficiency, high precision, high performance and low cost of use. The 8230 series uses a newly developed graphical user interface (GUI) with a 17" touch screen display for greater flexibility and visual impact. The speed of equipped air spindle reached 60,000rpm/1.8kW and equipped with lockable spindle when changing blades. This machine is quicker and easier to operate, and realizes the full automation of wafer handling, alignment and dicing. At the same time, the machine can adjust itself based on the automatic kerf mark inspection function to optimize dicing quality. The machine can record the dicing process information, analyze the use of blade, the equipment production data, the operator production data, the equipment production efficiency and personnel performance and greatly improve the user's production management efficiency and accuracy.

ADT 8230 has equipped with a 17-inch touch screen, which can monitor the operation status of the machine during the dicing process; and with drop-down type multi-information display interface, which can show the status of the machine at a glance. The followed keyboard design makes it more efficient to edit data. The local magnifying glass function helps to improve the alignment accuracy. Meanwhile, the user interface can be customized according to the user's needs. Modular design of both hardware and software with higher power air spindle, UV system, forced exhaust, deionization exhaust, unlimited rotation of the table and it is easy to add online functions.

As one of the world's top three suppliers of dicing systems, ADT's dicing equipment is at world leading level in dicing accuracy, efficiency and quality. Its equipment is widely used in LED packaging, LED gallium arsenide wafers, discrete device wafers, passive devices, microelectronic sensors, wafer-level camera modules, image sensors, camera lenses, infrared filters, optical fibers, radio frequency communications industry. Its customers include Huawei, TE, Epson, Diodes, JCET and other more than 60 world-known enterprises.

After the acquisition, Advanced Dicing Technologies Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou) specializes in ADT dicing machine, dicing blades and dicing peripherals. The sales center is located in Pudong, Shanghai, with global sales and after-sales service in the U.S. (Arizona and Pennsylvania), Taiwan, the Philippines, Europe (U.K.) and Israel. They have a 500 square meters class 1,000 clean room with a full set of equipment in Suzhou as an application lab and customer training base. In addition to the technical service team in Shanghai, ADT also has service team and engineers in Suzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shenzhen, etc., which can provide in time technical services to customers in mainland China. In the future, the company will integrate international technical resources, as well as innovative research and development capabilities, and strive to realize the domestic replacement of high-end semiconductor dicing systems in China to catch the opportunities and challenges of the semiconductor industry.

ADT said, at this stage a number of ADT 8230 has been in some well-known domestic semiconductor packaging and testing enterprises in China for production trial and evaluation, and already won some praise from these users.

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