LED - Gallium Arsenide

LED - Gallium Arsenide


Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is a semiconductor material characterized by a direct bandgap, which enables it to emit light which being use for the LED industry.  The high speed of Gallium arsenide makes it well suited for use in RF devices such as cellular phones and in microwave devices that are mostly found in military applications such as radar and smart weapons. Gallium arsenide is considered hazardous in nature due to its high content of arsenic.

Major Considerations:

  • Cut quality: top-side and back-side chipping
  • Cracking due to crystallographic structure of the material
  • Toxicity of GaAs dust


Automatic (7120 series / 7900 Duo) or fully auotomatic (7220 series) dicing systems enhanced process control tools with very high automation level.


  • 2" Nickel Hub blades
  • Diamond grit size: 0-2, 0.5-2, 0.5-3 and 2-4 microns
  • Thickness: .0006” - .0014”

Process Parameters:

  • Feed Rate: 2-10 mm/sec (one or two steps)
  • Spindle speed: 30 - 45 krpm
  • Cooling type: DI water only
  • Mounting: UV or blue tape
  • Adequate ventilation and suction system
  • Adequate treatment of waste-water