Silicon Wafers and Discrete Devices

Silicon Wafers and Discrete Devices


Silicon is the most common semiconductor material used. It is a gray brittle material with a diamond cubic structure. Silicon wafers are available in sizes up to 12" in diameter, with 6" and 8" being the most common.  Typical thicknesses are in the 100 - 650 micron range.

Major Considerations:

Cut quality:

  • Top-side and back-side chipping
  • Cracking
  • Wafer contamination due to ESD issues and poor cleaning


7222, fully automatic dicing saw with WX3 wafer handling system for better throughput and Atomized cleaning or the 7900 Duo automatic Twin spindles for double the throughput  


  • 2" hub and Annular Nickel blades
  • Diamond grit size: 2-4 to 4-8 microns
  • Thickness: .0008” - .0014”

Process Parameters:

  • Feed rate: 25 - 75 mm/sec
  • Spindle speed: 30 - 50 krpm
  • Mounting: Blue or UV tape
  • Cooling type: DI water with and without additives
  • Carbon dioxide bubbler is optional