Fully Automatic 8" & 12"  - 72xx Series

Fully Automatic 8" & 12" - 72xx Series

Step into the Future of Dicing

With new architecture and advanced process control tools, the 72xx models deliver substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation. The system offers a wide range of advanced automation and process monitoring options to meet the requirements of your most challenging dicing applications:   

  • Silicon
  • Glass on Silicon
  • MEMS 
  • GaAs wafers
  • Package Singulation (BGA & QFN)
  • LTCC
  • PCB
  • Hard Materials

The 72xx series is offered in three configurations optimized for IC applications, package singulation or hard material applications.

72xx Series Advantages  

  • Unique Wx3 wafer handling system streamlines wafer flow for greater productivity
  • Continuous digital magnification vision System provides optimal magnification for any eye-point
  • Special algorithm predicts blade wear rates to reduce height measurement time and increase UPH
  • Touch panel display supports a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI)
  • Atomized wafer cleaning technology for superior process results
  • Dedicated dressing cassette enables automatic blade dressing
  • Built-in Inspection tray allows for in-process quality assessment
  • Unique multi-panel processing capabilities
  • Small footprint
  • Optional: Dressing Station for diamonds exposure and clogging prevention

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