Water Recycling System AR-927

Water Recycling System AR-927

Designed for closed-loop, uniform supply of cutting water.
It recycles drain water thru filtering, cooling and pumping to maintain required purification, temperature and flow levels for optimized dicing, cost-saving and environmental care.


System Highlights:

  • Water recirculation -> Reducing consumption by 95%
  • Efficient cooling system -> Reducing power consumption
  • Self-Cleaning filter -> Saving cost of maintenance
  • Low environment impact
  • Supports up to 3 ADT saws simultaneously
  • Advanced User Interface (UI) for process control 



  • Conductivity reading
  • Surfactant dispenser
  • Water deionization (DI) module
  • Ultraviolet purification lamp 

Technical Specification: 

Flow capacity 20 L/min

supply pressure

5 bar
Filtration level 0.02 μm

Circulation tank

80 Liter

Sediment tank

80 Liter

Water recycling


Temp. Setting range

8°C – 25°C
Temperature stability +/-1°C
Cooling capacity 1200 W @ 25°C

Gas( Refrigerant)


Control method

Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 1280 x 1720 mm
Weight (empty/full) 350 / 500 kg