CO2 Injector (CO2 Bubbler) 947

CO2 Injector (CO2 Bubbler) 947

High quality processing, contamination-free devices

ADT 947 COInline Injector (COBubbler) is designed to eliminate particle adhesion and device damage caused by electrostatic effects. The units dissolve CO2 gas into de-ionized water (DI) used for dicing or cleaning processes, thus performing consistent control over an optimal level of resistivity.


System Highlights:

  • 2 Line display, monitoring and alarms
  • Resistivity target and range setting
  • Resistivity / Conductivity units display
  • Dicing Communication (will be avaiable soon)


Technical Specifications:

Water capacity 3-10 liter/min
Set point range 0.5 MΩ – 1 MΩ
Line voltage 110/220 V 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 190 x 446 x 365mm
Aprox. weight 10 kg