New User Interface (NUI) Upgrade Kit

State of the Art Technology!

ADT strives to offer our customers a business model that promotes “continuous improvement opportunities” for your existing capital equipment investment.

ADT offers a variety of “DICING SAW UPGRADE KITS” that allow you to maintain best-in-class dicing capability and performance.

Key Conversion Justification Points:

  • Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. This kit has Windows 10 embedded.
  • ADT will no longer offer software upgrades to the ADT Dicing Saw XP software.
  • Moving to NUI Software will ensure you continue to get free software upgrades.
  • Equipment users are more familiar with touch screen technology with the global use of smartphones and touch PCs and Laptops. This conversion will offer operator & technician simplicity.
  • Behind the scenes, process technicians will have all the flexibility of the vast capability that ADT is known for.
  • Therefore, operators get the ease of use and training while process engineers get to keep the tremendous depth of capability.