7100ad/HM Series

Product Discontinuation Notice – 7100ad/HM Series

Effective June 1, 2004, ADT has officially discontinue the manufacture and sale of the 7100ad/HM Series, as these systems have been replaced by the new, advanced architecture, 7100 ProVectus/ProFortis dicing systems. The remaining inventory of 7100ad/HM systems is almost exhausted.

7100ad/HM users should note, however, that ADT has also instituted a program for continued sale of accessories and spare parts for the7100ad/HM. The program, which will also include field service and technical support, will continue on a limited basis for a period of five years to insure a smooth transition to the improved 7100 Pro Series.


Affected Models

The program will affect all 7100ad/HM models including :


° Model 7100ad

° Model 7100HM

° Model LA 7100ad

° Model LA 7100HM


Accessories and Optional Equipment

ADT reserves the right to accept or reject orders for special accessories or options at its own discretion.


Spare Parts Support

ADT will offer standard 7100ad/HM spare parts for sale for a period of five (5) years (until June 1, 2009). Price and delivery for standard spare parts may vary depending on purchasing quantities and source of supply at the time of the order. When feasible, ADT will recommend and supply substitute parts or conversion kits.


Field Service and Technical Support

Field service and technical support for the standard 7100ad/HM product line will also be available for a period of five (5) years (until June 1, 2009). Routine maintenance and repair of all standard 7100ad/HM equipment will continue to be available through this date, although these services may be limited by the availability of spare parts.


If you have any special questions or concerns about your 7100ad/HM equipment, please feel free to contact your regional service manager.


Software Support

Standard software for the 7100ad/HM Series will continue to be supported through June 1, 2009. We regret that we will not be able to accept new orders for special or customized 7100ad/HM software. Customers with special 7100ad/HM software, who wish to upgrade to the 7100 Series, should contact their sales representative to insure compatibility of their custom software requirements with the 7100 Series architecture.


ADT would like to express its most sincere gratitude to all of its loyal 7100ad/HM Series customers. Rest assured that throughout the 7100ad/HM end-of-life phase, we will make every effort to provide service and support with the same level of vigor and enthusiasm you have become accustomed to. ADT is extremely confident that any inconvenience caused by the discontinuation of the 7100ad/HM Series will be offset by the many improvements and technological advantages that our new 7100 Series offers. We look forward to sharing this new and exciting technology with you as we continue our partnership in the pursuit of dicing excellence.