ADT will discontinue the sale of the 921 CLF on 31/Dec/2016

The discontinued 921 system will be replaced by the new improved Model 927 – Water Recycling System.

ADT will provide a five years support program for the 921 CLF. This program goal is to provide 921’s customers, service and parts needed to keep their machines in operation.

Field Service Support

ADT will provide field service support for the 921CLF standard product line through Dec 31, 2021.

ADT will continue to provide routine maintenance and repair services (this may be limited by spare parts availability).

If you have any question about the kind of service support that will be available for your 921, please contact your regional service manager.

Spare Parts Support

ADT will sell standard 921 spare parts through Dec 31, 2021.

ADT may, at its discretion:

  • Sell available spare parts from stock, or
  • Where feasible, recommend and sell substitute parts or conversion kits.

Prices of spare parts for the 921 may be increased after Dec 31, 2017 due to reduced purchasing quantities.


All standard 921 CLF documentation will be available through Dec 31, 2021.