Product Discontinuation Notice Wafer Mounting System – 961


ADT will discontinue the manufacture and sale of the 961-Wafer Mounting System effective June 30, 2005.
The discontinued 961 are replaced by the new improved 966 / 966LA (8” or 12”) UV Curing system.

ADT will provide a 5-year support program for the 961 Series. The goal of this program is to provide 961customers with the service and parts needed to keep their machines fully operative.

New 961 Series Sales

New 961 sales are limited and pending on inventory availability. The remaining inventory will be available only till the end of July 2005.

Each 961 model has a fully compatible 966 model as substitution and our customers are invited to contact their local sales representative to discuss their unique requirements.

New Accessories and Options

ADT will continue selling standard accessories, options and retrofit kits to customers that use the 961 system.

Those accessories and options will be available only for a limited 1 year period ending July 31, 2006 (as per our list in Appendix A to this document).

Prices of 961 accessories and options may increase after July 31, 2005 due to limited inventory.

ADT at its discretion may not accept an order for accessories or special options for an installed 961 machine.

Field Service Support

ADT will provide field service support for the 961 standard product line until July 31, 2010. The 961-service support program will include:

– Routine maintenance and repair of all 961 Series models (pending on spare part availability).

– Field installation of accessories and options.

If you have any question about the kind of service support that will be available for your 961 system, please contact your regional service manager.

Spare Part Support

ADT will sell standard 961 spare parts until July 31, 2010.

ADT may, at its discretion:

– Sell available spare parts from stock, or;

– Accept a spare part order with the understanding that ADT will send the part drawing to a qualified vendor, obtain cost and delivery information and then quote the customer with a price and delivery, or;

– Where feasible, recommend and sell substitute parts or conversion kits.

Prices of 961 spare parts may increase after July 31, 2005 due to limited inventory.


All standard 961 documentation will be available until July 30, 2010.

Corrective action program

After July 31, 2006 ADT will not undertake corrective actions for equipment in the field.

Appendix A

The following accessories and options will be available for sale until July 31 2005.

Spare Parts Kit (recommended)28595-0900-003
Static eliminator (110 V)28595-0900-110
Static eliminator (220 V)28595-0900-220
UV tape backing removal00850-5300-000-00
Additional 6" chuck28595-0900-004
Additional 8" chuck28595-0900-002
Additional 6" roller28595-0900-007
Additional 8" roller28595-0900-008
ESD Covers00961-0900-000-00
Plastic Frame holder00961-XXXX-000-00
Special chuck for Thin wafer - Perforated00961-0900-000-00
CE compliance28595-0900-013
Non-contact Chuck(NC)00961-XXXX-000-00
Non-contact platen (N.C.P.) **