Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) is a ceramic material which has piezo-electric properties (the material is electrally charged as a result of deformation/pressure). The most common application is for ultrasonic imaging in the medical industry.  In most of the applications the PZT is diced vertically with series of shallow cuts.

Major Considerations:

  • Very tight kerf-width tolerances
  • Kerf perpendicularity
  • Wall breakage
  • Chipping
  • High exposure thickness ratio


7122 enhanced process control tools with very high automation level, high accuracy.


  • 2" Hub or Annular Nickel Blades 
  • Diamond grit size: 3-6 to 6-8 microns
  • Thickness: .0008” - .0030”      

Process Parameters:

  • Feed Rate: 1 - 6 mm/sec
  • Spindle speed: 20 - 30 krpm